Three weeks ago, I started to work for Netflix. Everything has moved so fast with so many things to do and learn that it seems like I have already been here for a much longer time!

I am now working as the manager of a small team working on recommendations & personalization in the company that promoted recommender systems research to major headlines thanks to the Netflix Prize. It also feels great to come to the company in an exciting time when it has just reached its 25th million customer and is starting its international expansion to Latin America.

All the fuzz created around the Netflix Prize might lead some to believe that rating prediction is all there is to Netflix suggesting a given movie. However, I was happy to find out that rating prediction is only one of the many signals that my team uses in creating the final suggestions.

Awesome place, awesome people, and awesome time to be around. And, btw, we are hiring, so let me know if you are interested in joining. (Update: it seems that the jobs link is currently not active outside US/CA… I’m working on getting this fixed)