There have recently been some articles (e.g. This list of influencers) that have pointed to this blog and lamented that I don’t update it regularly anymore. It is true. I now realize I should have at least posted something here to direct readers to the places where I keep posting in case they find I might have something interesting to say.

First and foremost, given that I joined Quora about a year ago, I have been using the Quora product itself to post most of my writing. You can find my profile here. I have found that I can reformulate almost anything I want to say in the form of an answer to a Quora question. Besides, my posts there get a ton of views (I am almost about to reach 2 million views in about a year) and good interactions. Also, I have written some posts in the Quora Engineering Blog describing some of our work.

I also keep very active on Twitter, and every now and then I will update my LinkedIn with some professional posts.

Recently, I gave Medium a try. I am not really sure how often I will update my blog there, but I am almost certain that my Medium blog will take precedence over this one. Medium is indeed a much better blogging platform than Blogger.

So, yes, I guess this is a farewell to Technocalifornia unless every now and then I decide to simply post a collection of posts elsewhere just to make sure that people visiting this blog don’t get the sense that I am not active anymore. Let me know if you feel that would be interesting for you.