That was the main title of a series of talks I gave in different labs and companies during my recent California tour. In this presentation, I talked about many of our recent projects related to how to interpret user feedback, in general, and in the particular case of recommender systems. I talked about our work on measuring user rating noise, our follow-up in devising algorithms to reduce this natural noise, and on how you can use experts instead of crowds to not only minimize this noise but address other issues in collaborative filtering.

I also gave a sneak preview of our results to the music survey I announced some time ago. Denis Parra and I have submitted this work recently and are hoping to get it accepted to tell you a bit more about how to map implicit to explicit feedback.



Tech Talk: Xavier Amatriain (Telefonica) -- "The Science and Magic of User and Expert Feedback for Improving Recommendations" from Talks at LinkedIn on Vimeo.