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From Barcelona to the Valley...
life is an ultra-marathon

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  • Gouyon, F. Amatriain, X. Bonada, J. Cano, P. Gomez, E. Herrera, P. Loscos, A. (2006) "Content processing of musical audio signals" in Sound to sense, sense to sound: A state-of-the-art, Leman, M. Cirotteau D. (eds).

  • Amatriain, X. Bonada, J. Loscos, A. Serra, X. (2002) "Spectral Processing" in DAFX: Digital Audio Effects, Udo Zoelzer (ed.). pp. 554. John Wiley & Sons Ed.

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I am currently VP of Engineering, AI Product Strategy at LinkedIn. Before that, I co-founded Curai, where I still serve as member of the board, and where we are using state-of-the art AI/Machine Learning to scale the world's best healthcare to every human being. Before this, I was VP of Engineering at Quora where I led the engineering team. Previous to that, I was a Research/Engineer Director for the Algorithms Engineering team at Netflix. I enjoy working on complex problems in the cross-roads of machine learning, software engineering, and team management. I have extensive research and management background.

I have authored more than 50 publications and hold several patents.

As a university professor I have experience in teaching Software Engineering, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, and many different courses related to Multimedia and Music.

An Object-Oriented Metamodel for Digital Signal Processing

with a focus on Audio and Music

Xavier Amatriain's Thesis

October 2004

Online Version



After many years of enjoying teaching many different courses at Graduate and Undergraduate level, I am no longer teaching. Look at my resume if you are interested in my teaching experience that covers courses that go from Information Retrieval and Software Engineering to Computer Music.

What I've done

Although I started studying music when I was quite little, I did not take it seriously until I was 15. As a teenager I played in a number of bands the most successful of which was the Maijalas.

Carles Lloveras, Xavi Palou, Ramon Valls and I created the Maijalas band. The idea was to mix rock with more latin rithms (nowadays I know that is very common but not so much at that time). Maijalas got to record a demo tape and a CD. We broke up when we were preparing our second CD. Here you have a few samples from our first CD:


A Media Tarde

A Tu Vera

Hijo del Miedo

Deixant-te Estar

I have also done quite a few computer based compositions. Unfortunately because of a severe lack of time in the past few years none of them have made it to a stage in which I would be comfortable sharing them. I have done compositions using MetriX (the language I developed), CSound, CLAM and Pd.


A few years ago, I decided to start running with the goal of sometime running a half-marathon. Now I am completely hooked into running and I have run more marathons than I care to count with a personal best of 3:08. I can now say that running is an important part of my everyday life. More recently, I have started training for a full Ironman. So far, I managed to finish a Half 70.3 in about 7 hours, but there are many things to improve!

If you are a runner, or thinking about it, you might enjoy my blog post on "10 'Little' lessons for life that I learned from running". You can also follow me on Strava or Runkeeper.


I like classical movies like The Godfather or Citizen Cane but my favourite films are a bit more "off-mainstream". I would recommend any film by Jim Jarmush (including Down by Law or Night On Earth), the first films by Gus Van Sant (My Own Private Idaho) and some by Kevin Smith (Clerks or Chasing Amy).

See my Flixter profile.


Although I must admit that nowadays I do it much less than I would like - and when I do it is mainly to read technichal books - reading is still one of my favourite activities. You can follow me on Goodreads.

I could make a long list of favourite books and authors but I will try to concentrate on those that most have influenced me. The first book I remember as having influenced me as a child is Michael Ende's Momo (which I found much more impressive/depressive than his famous Never-ending Story). I was quite a lot into J.R.R. Tolkien at that time also.

I really read a lot while I was a child and still did the same as a teenager. During that age I read some impressive books that I still like: any book by Boris Vian is highly recommendable, Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, most of Garcia Marquez', some of William Burroughs... (when I was 18 I even read Joyce's Ulyses and even finished it!).

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